Tuesday, May 7, 2013

General News and Stuff

Sumuner (pictured above - no really, that is EXACTLY what he looks like) has sent out a call for elite warriors to compete in a martial arts death-match tournament. The competition will be held in another dimension and will ultimately decide the fate of the Ear-... Wait, wut? It's not really a tournament? Oh.... Uh-huh... Right.... Ok, seems it's more of a scavenger hunt. Find pics of his new girls hidden on other blogs, and the winner gets to name them. Go check out his blog for more details. So no trips to a hell dimension, but the competition for the scavenger hunt will still be fierce!

Also in WTF News, my morning started off with this piece of brilliance. Which, as the pic implies, made me say "WTF?". Seems DeviantArt has gone into the business of commercial pandering. Now don't get me wrong, I actually do like Lady Gaga. Have her cycling on my Pandora. But this is.... well, this is pretentious annoying bullshit. "Lady Gaga will continue to manipulate the psychic vanguard of pop art, willing it to fit the needs of her music and her philosophy of a new sensibility amongst the masses." Seriously? Did ya just finish your freshman course in creative writing there, Ace? Ugh. And this is getting sent to everyone with a dA account? Stimulating discussion is one thing. An excessive panegyric (your $5 word for the day) of a commercial figure is something else entirely.

Oh, and yeah, this is a 3d render porn blog. More specifically one that showcases my work. So guess I should, like, mention what I'm actually doing. Might be a good idea. So was working on a new Wonder Woman / Power Girl set, when I realized that it would take too long (some fairly extensive scenery). So decided to change up to a Cinco de Mayo themed set, and finish the WW/PG set next week. Which really seemed like a good idea at the time. But seeing as we are already 2 days past that, it would appear that I added too much to the set. Yeeeeahh. But it should be done tomorrow, so yay for that.

* EDIT *
Ok in a bit more WTF News, was just going thru my blog stats and checking out referring sites. Blogger says that this week I was visited 19 times by the CIA.... Yeah... that CIA. The referring link was listed as http://www.cia.gov/studies/open_source_inteligence/article327.html, but it now seems to go to a redirect page. Very. Very. Weird. Last I checked I wasn't involved in anything even remotely nefarious. But if the blog suddenly goes silent I may have either been renditioned in an extraordinary manner, or forcibly recruited for a matter of national security due to my very specific and unique skill set (though I can't possibly imagine what those skills would be). Or maybe blogger stats are just fucked up and they are giving me a weird link.... Nah. They're definitely scoping me out to recruit me.


Lazy Fuck said...

So what are the chances that Wonder Woman doesn't look exactly like your rendition of her in the Cerberus set? I found it a bit too close to the comics, and not tarted up the way I'd expect (and want) porn of a character to be. No heels and her outfit, while still sexy and revealing due to it's design was just as exposing as the comics (or at least, the last ones I saw).

Also, I just don't like silver for her tiara/bracers - but that's a minor personal quibble. I still liked the set, I'd just love to see your take on a tarted up Diana/Karen, rather than such a true to comics version.

Knight77 said...

I had these cia links too in my stats some time ago
they were probably just watching porn xD

Tantacel said...

Sorry Lazy, but can't agree with you on that. I love MB's work because its so close to the originals (apart from the being screwed by monsters of course).

Mongo, maybe they want to recruit you for some drawings for Kim Jong Un, subliminal representations of Minnie Mouse to stop him being batshit bonkers?

Could happen!

sumuner said...

I thought I said to never let that picture see the light of day!!1!
Though I will say, the purple really brings out the death in my eyes :)
now mongo, you still need to bring me 1000 sou...I mean contestants to the hunt...

joeannie said...

Oh, come one - your activities are anti-American; promoting the glory of I*lam or Russia or something un-American! Fess up!

kombl kaurn said...

I had one or two hits from that exact link a couple of months ago, pretty weird.

Zafo said...

Hey CIA are humans to you know.
They need to fap... i mean
investigate their interests on
the internet like we all do.

Jenny Poussin said...

1/ I wanna enter the tournament Mongo! If I don't qualify: can I be the cheerleader then? ;)

2/ Bonus points for the use of "panegyric" (and I want the 15mns of my life back spent looking it up and trying to understand it! giggle)

3/ wait ... did I even HAVE a point 3 ... oh well! Guess I ll just jump up and down, and make everyone forget that I forgot! ;)

LOVE YA Mongo! ♥♥♥

Big Kiss


Zafo said...
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