Sunday, May 19, 2013


Wonder Woman and Power Girl go up against the unstoppable engine of destruction - Doomsday. It's 26 pics of super heroicness at And of course, the set download is free for members for the next month(-ish).

So in celebration of Power Girl getting her proper outfit back, thought I'd do one of the superhero sets I've been bouncing around in my head (with a few great suggestions from fans). What am I talking about? Well you do know who Power Girl is, right? Well when DC rolled out the New52 reboot the gave her a new god-awful shit costume (the one on the left obviously) that looks like a cross between a tracksuit and something a villain would wear in a bad sci-fi show. Needless to say, folks were not impressed. Well after a bout a year of that bullshit she finally got her old outfit back. So yay for that. Now if they could just get some better writers for that comic. (Note that DC does have alot of kick-ass writers working for them at the moment. They are doing some seriously good shit these days.)


So saw the new Trek movie the other day. Could say the it was decent but not super-fantastic, but instead let's focus on the important parts.... ZOMG Carol Marcus / Alice Eve is fukkinhawt! (spoiler) And that's all you really need to know. I mean sure there was like some plot stuff in there, and some special effects. But mmmmmmm.... Alice Eve. So yeah, decent movie. Was like two movies really. First half was a new script, and the second half was a re-imaging homage to Wrath of Khan. Some of the twists they threw in there were kinda amusing. But they really did not need the "KHHHHAAAAANNNNNN!!!". Especially since it didn't echo in space. Also kept expecting Spock to draw lines across people's foreheads and dig around in their brains.... never happened (spoiler!). Oh, and an Ensign Jenny set is next. Duh.



Cannon said...

Nice set, was actually in the comic store the other day and notice the new issue of Power Girl had her old outfit. I find it funny that they tried it with Wonder Woman and ended up back with her original.

Keep them up, I like your superhero sets

Jenny Poussin said...

Now THIS is how you make peace with supervillains!!!
Or maybe end up joining them??? who knows ... I get confused about stuff like this!! giggle
GREAT set Mongo!! Always like those 2 superheroines! ♥♥♥

Will Zenn said...

Love the action shots Mongo as always your 3D renders are incredibly well done.

Anonymous said...

Very nice set. I lol'd at the crushed car hood after the first nailing of Power Girl. Super sex indeed.

Anonymous said...

Excellent as always! You've answered the prayers of countless fanboys!

Anonymous said...

Dude that was super awesome! I'm just gonna throw it out there that you should do some netorare sets, your Lizard / Gwen Stacy set was totally siiick

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