Friday, December 28, 2012

Zafo: Witchcraft

Another awesome set from Zafo with his signature super-cute girls! A hottie fuchsia-haired (I so rarely get to use that word) witch who isn't very good at controlling her magic. But she is damn good at getting drilled by what she accidentally conjures. It's 25 pics of charming magical fun available at And of course, all the money goes to Zafo. Support your local artist (and his sick Xmas aardvarks)!

And who are these happy New Year's Eve revelers? Oh you know! Stop pretending you don't. But we probably won't get to see them until after New Years, cuz the scenery is taking FOREVER to render.

Let's see... what else...? Ah! The Hobbit! Was reading the paper this morning at the coffee shop and they had it listed as 2-1/2 stars. Seriously. WTF? Sure it wasn't "the film that defines a generation" but it was still pretty decent. Definitely the best film adaption to date (though the 70's cartoon version with the half-hour drug trip still ranks up there). Meanwhile the paper even gave Skyfall 3-1/2 stars, and that was a travesty compared to the other recent Bond films. Meh. Fuck 'em. Hobbit was good. Especially the scene where they were entering Rivendale. ZOMG the colors! Fap! Fap! Fap! So good. Even got me excited about the idea of some nubile young lass gang-banged by Dwarves and a Hobbit.... then I realized there are no dwarfy beards for Poser. Not a single one. Which is really weird. So... yeah.


Faro09 said...

Going to take a long shot and say that one of them is Peach and the other is Zelda?

sumuner said...

I believe its mongo's other mascot babe...I can never remember her name!
Mongo, what's her name?

Zafo said...

Umm... i allready eate those last month Mongo.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of The Hobbit, there *is* that scene with the spiders in Mirkwood...Images have been leaked somewhere I think. Easier than doing beards, maybe?

- George

Anonymous said...

Hello, just wanted to bring to your attention a game that should interest someone of your talents. Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ. It's a on rails third person shooter for the DS that involves little red "ready to rock" riding hood and her favorite machine gun against a horde of zombies that have infested fairy tale land. Seriously, look it up, I'm sure you could think of one or two things to do with that one.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh i love the Idea of Lord of the Ring or Hobbit Bang! Pls make a set.
And yeah the movie is good. A lot of people say OMG its not like LOTR or its not like the Books. And i just think...WTF! Stop match the Movie with the Books or LOTR.

PS: If they really are Princess Peach and YEAR!

Time W. said...

I think there's a Wizard Long Beard for M4 at DAZ that might work for a dwarf.

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