Monday, October 8, 2012

Vampire & Lycan

It's October! And that means Halloween. Which of course also means vampires and werewolves having sex.... No really! This week's set is 25 pics of WoD / Underworld-esque vampy/lycan action over at And let's do something different and make the set download free for members for the next month-ish. Oh wait, I always do that. Eh, whatever. It's still free.

Another set from the suggestion box. So credit for this one goes to geos_omega and heltoro. You guys get a copy of the set for free! Cuz that's the way it works. Make a good suggestion, you get a copy of the set! You'll have to send me your emails or something.

Was pretty sure I said something about wanting to avoid doing more dark scenes. LOL. So much for that idea. 'Course I also said the same about sci-fi blondes (next week). In any case, vampire chick. Yummm! Something about a raven-haired hottie with sharp pointy teeth. Just looks gooooood! Unlike say, soulless brunettes with all the acting ability of a cardboard box, who need to be beaten with a crowbar. Yes, the next installment of the sparkly vampire travesty is coming out next month. Why god?! Why?!! Where is Blade when you need him?!! (because that meme will never get old)

Alrisha Hair by propschick (no longer available it seems)


TheMadMonk said...

And another great set from The Master!!!

Again the the 'x-ray' shots were superbly done.

Also loved that you didn't forget that forced Lycan sex should always included some hard pounding 'doggy-style'.

And while I agree that there is something about a well built, raven haired beauty with sharp pointy teeth that is extremely exotic, it's a shame that her attacker has to forgo a good throat raping for obvious reasons.

Perhaps sometime down the line you could have the lass attacked by some kind of 'golem' types who bring true meaning to 'rock hard cocks' and would be totally impervious to young lady's toothsome bite?

Sci-fi Blondes did you say??? Since you've got two the hottest in your stable I can't wait to se which one will be getting her 'fill' of misadventure!!!

Later Sir

Tantacel said...

Amazing art again MB! If we carry on in the WoD vein, will we see her get taken by a few nosferatu vamps? Or a delightful Kuei-Jin female making her a slave? Oh the possiblilites!

Sci Fi Blonde? Samus getting destroyed by some metroids?

Anonymous said...

very nice :D

geos_omega said...

Wow. I really didn't expect you to mention me specifically. That's awesome! Thanks man!

You don't need to send me a copy of it, though. I already have a membership on your pay site. Though I greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

You really made my day with this. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Amazing as always. Well done Mongo!

An Intelligent Mackinaw said...

Better love story than twilight

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