Monday, October 1, 2012

Bronwynne: Horsing Around

Smokin' hot redhead and giant horse cock. What's not to like? Bronwynne makes her first monster-sex appearance in this HUGE 41 pic set available at And the set download is free for members for the next month (or there-abouts).

So one of these days I need to learn that whole concept of self-restraint. Originally this was gonna be a quick easy 12 pic set. And somehow it became this giant 41 pic monstrosity chock full of x-ray shots. Brilliant! Fortunately it rendered quick - basic lighting, no reflections.

Drake Hair by Arki (DAZ is being weird with their vendor pages again - huge surprise)


IronCrab said...

WOW! You have excelled yourself with that set. Excellent work.

Zafo said...

When i saw 2 dics i was like, O_o ...what?
But then, Im ok with this! :D

TheMadMonk said...

You ever read the Sci-Fi Trilogy Titan/Wizard?Demon by Jim Varley. If not you ought to give them a browse. They've got centaur-like creatures and a wicked sex life. Of course that the gorgeous heroine eventually sitting on a throne entirely made up of cocaine just adds spice to the story.
(Of course I in no way endorse the use of cocaine or any other recreational drug. In the words of that famous late night Sage Craig Ferguson "CBS Cares!"

Cryotek said...

Always wondered which lucky beast was gonna catch that sexy little redhead. Great set Mongo!

geos_omega said...

I hope you never learn self-restraint ;D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have collected quite a heap of centaurpr0n and *definitely* observed a lack of exploration of all the Kamasutra positions you can have with a centaur and a maiden - *especially* the last one which is my favorite fantasy. Bonus fap points for Xray. You, good sir, fill a gap. (Pun unintended. :-)

Anonymous said...

awesome :)

krassomat said...

just wonderful! neat escalation.
love the x-rayz

VenusKnows said...

A very interesting take and finally we get to see this fine example of the female species taking one... I mean two for the team. ;)

I know you've put in quiet a bit of extra work into this one but I must be honest when I say that with all the X-rays this a good size and a very good set. As always wonderful angles.

Don't wear yourself out though ;)

Anonymous said...

omg omg omg... this is incredible!

Nejdine said...

Good to see some centaur getting action. Love'em!

Making stuff like this myself, but with sexvilla 2, so, there´s no "real" centaur doing the deeds. Just 2 males linked together, with a custom toy as the cock. Will try on Poser very soon, and see what i can cum up with that. It sure will be easier with a real figure of a centaur.

But please, do more sets like this. :) Cheers

Anonymous said...

Another great set. But no oral loving for the hind half? I thought our girl liked a challenge!

Anonymous said...

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