Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Steampunk Adventures

Ace pilot Emily Peabody gets some harsh disciplinary action during a troop inspection. It's 22 pics of dashing and exciting Steampunk adventure! And if you want to see the full set and stuff, you like can at my paysite - www.mongo-bongo-art.com. (But I'm thinking you already knew that.) Plus site members can download the set for free for the next month-ish.

Been wanting to do something vaguely steampunk-ish for awhile. I know, I know, it's not quite as cool as it used to be. But it's still a fun genre to play with. I decided to go with something a little later than the standard Victorian era. Cuz I've also wanted to do some WW1/early-1900's type stuff too. So it's a c-c-c-combo move! Or something like that. In any case, hot chick getting plowed. You like?

Also took awhile to get it done for a mere 22 pic set with limited scenery. That's cuz I have my short-attention span and can easily get distr- oooh look! shiny object!... Wait. Where was I? Right. Getting distracted. So was planning to do a sequel to the Necromantrix comic for Halloween. So was working on the scenery for that and this set at the same time. Then kinda realized that the first comic took like 2 months to get done. So not sure wtf I was thinking that I could get a sequel AND another set done in a week. Seriously, I need to get my brain checked. So stopped work on the comic to finish this set. And then got bored and started working on ideas/scenes for other sets - WonderWoman/Cerebus, Elf/Lizard, Wendigo/Adventuress. Not terribly efficient, but gotta go where the Muse drags me.

LK-Estelle by lkiilerich (no longer available)
Army General Uniform by Predatron (he makes such great stuff)
Steampunk Jet Fighter by coflek-gnorg (his name sounds like something to summon Cthulhu)


TheMadMonk said...

Lovely as always, you know I will never fault you for a discipline themed adventure. And so what if Steampunk isn't the hot ticket these days? You are right it still a load of fun and as long as you keep babes like Emily properly serving the troops (or the inspector) then I say 'Pish!' Well that's a chap whit a swagger stick and monocle would say!

Anonymous said...

thats why u the only pay site i have , would it be to odd to flash back to like Misty from pokemon lol

VenusKnows said...

Really nice set, loving her when she lets go a bit. Lovely work as always.

Anonymous said...

Lovely set Mongo. I have to remember to sign up to your paysite tonight, I keep forgetting to!

An Intelligent Mackinaw said...

More like creampunk amirite?

This set is magnificent. Also I like the image of a muse dragging someone around

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