Monday, October 22, 2012

News at 11

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Ok, not really. But do have some general info that you NEED to know. (Really you do.)

First up is DizzyDills site. A self-confessed servant of Slaanesh, so Slaaneshi bro-fist... bro-tentacle... whatever. You probably already know about his stuff, cuz he's just pretty damn awesome. Monster sex and lot's of it, but with a more happy consensual vibe. Good renders, great poses, hot chicks! Highly recommend checking out the "Ends Justify the Means" set - my personal favorite. Have been meaning to link his site for awhile. But keep on forgetting cuz I'm lame like that. But I have now! So there!

Next up is Sumuner. New kid on the block in the 3d porn scene. Still getting his feet under him, and only a few images so far. But drop by, check him out, and give him some feedback. Cuz with love and attention, little newbie artists grow into awesome kickass artists that provide you ample amounts of fap material.

And last but not least is Epoch's superspecialawesome DCV comics. He finally got all his shit sorted on the new site, and the STORE IS OPEN! Bought myself a copy of the Clara Ravens 3: Epilogue last night, and OMFG is it good. The really great quality renders you've come to expect from him, plus some great animations, xray shots, POV perspectives, and more! Over 82 pages of pure awesome. Oh and also there is that plot/story stuff that you can read after you finish fapping the first time thru. All this for the low low cost of $11.99. Totally worth it! But if you are poor/cheap there's also some free comics you can download too.


Anonymous said...

please why don´t you upload this episode so poors or cheaps can donwload and enjoy it like you

MongoBongo said...

How about I go ahead and NOT do that? I happen to think Epoch is a pretty swell guy, so I'm not gonna fuck over his new business just because you want something to fap to for free. Also, he got laid off his job a few months ago, so this DCV venture is how he's putting food on the table. So... ummm.... no. I'm not going to pirate his work for you. And frankly I'm a bit offended you would ask me to.

BlackHeart said...

I loled. Anyways, it's nice that you're trying to help out your fellow porn artists and all that wholesome business, but please don't forget that I'm coming to your site, not theirs. Give us more updates on what you're doing, so maybe those of us who pay YOU money aren't tempted to switch to someone who actually gives updates about their own work even semi-frequently rather than updates on other random artists.

P.S. Make more porn involving werewolves, pretty please.

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