Friday, October 19, 2012

Ensign Jenny: Assimilation

Love, war, treachery, potential genocide, and a whole lot of sex! Just another day in the life of star trekking Ensign Jenny. This time it's 26 pics of Jenny going up against her most dangerous foe yet... The Borg! Full set available at my paysite - And the set download is free for members for the next month (or thereabouts).

Jenny is based on our favorite glamour/nude model, the ever sexxxy Jenny Poussin! Normally I'd link you to her site, but she's closing that down. Just too much effort in between school, all her other gigs, and of course partying. So go check out her DeviantArt page instead. Or if you are in Boston in November, go meet her in person at SuperMegafest (seriously, that is what they named it). Though if you are gonna go meet her, don't be all creepy weird and shit (y'know like you normally are - don't do that :-P). Oh! And in other Jenny news, she's getting boobs boosted even more. Crazy iknowrite. But will probably look damn good when she's done!

So this time we went with ST:TNG for inspiration. With what is generally regarded as the defining episode of the series - Best of Both Worlds. Watched it a couple times for research. It's better than the TOS episodes... but not by much. The production values of TNG were just sooooo bad by today's standards. Really that shit is just difficult to watch. Once again, alcohol is your friend if you decide to check it out. Not as bad as Arena, but still not good. This may be heresy to actual Trek fans, but I kinda think the Enterprise series was the best of the franchise.

Vibrator I-Type by ???
Hr-031 by Ali (no longer available)
Hear No Evil by Aery Soul (no longer available - see Alfaseed for similar)
Borg Cube by Maxpayn (rescaled, regrouped, and remapped)
Gothic Bar by Sharkey (no longer available)


TheMadMonk said...

Damn! Once again you raise the bar! In addition to your incredible art there is also the extra level of kink knowing that the real Jenny Poussin looks just as hot in real life as you make her virtual clone.

You know if the real Jenny enjoys doing even half the over the top wild (and occasionally multi-partner) sex that you have out Ensign Jenny through, then there are some very,very, very, very lucky bastards out there.

Though there is one thing I am worried about, while Borg Fornicatus looks wicked in the 24th century Victoria's Secret space armor you are planning to rescue her right? I mean there are so many other species out in the galaxy who deserve a shot at that incredible as of hers.

Once again a big two thumbs up!!!

G Money said...

Thank you Mongo!!!! Just put my tickets in for Megafest. Ms. Poussin will look so hot in real life. Thank for this great set and terrific news!!!!

An Intelligent Mackinaw said...

Needed more Patrick Stewart

Anonymous said...

I actually Lol'd at the image of Kirk hammered as shit. Amazing

TheMadMonk said...

I just reread the comments you posted about Ms. Poussin and I have to agree, getting those perfect breasts boosted even more is slightly crazy. If there is such a thing as the "Golden Ratio" of tit size to body frame then Jenny has just about achieved perfection.
What makes me say this is just google images of Jenny and then look for any image where she is wearing get-ups that basically amount to thin ribbons hanging off of her breasts. The way they hang is just about damned perfect giving her an awesome erotic appeal.
Oh well, just hope she don't go crazy and turn herself into a caricature of her now otherwise perfect self

NotPornJustSex said...

That yellow-shirt guy at the bottom right corner in the second preview pic is hilarious! I just imagine him screaming like a little girl. Nice little detail there.

Jenny Poussin said...

Can I just tell you Mongo just how FUN it was doing "Ensign Jenny" with you? As a trekkie I m super amazed at the level of FUN detail u put in there! :)
"CUM LONG & PROSPER!" is all I gotta say! giggle ♥♥♥

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