Friday, April 13, 2012

Where the Fuck is Waldo?!

Or more appropriately, "Where's Mongo?". Well obviously I'm not dead. Instead I've been in somewhat of a major funk. Yeah, for an entire month. Seriously. Just could not get into anything. Art, porn, games, movies, nothing. Just blah. Tried changing up my schedule, varying my exercise routine, stepping away from the computer for awhile. Nothing. Just complete shitty listlessness that dragged on and on and on. Which quite frankly sucked. I've had "artist's block" before, but this was just crazy. Could not get excited about anything. Never had it happen before, and pray to god it never happens again.

So that's been my month. Very exciting. Now I'm sure some will scream "That's no excuse!". To that I say - Bitch, go suck a donkey dick. It's simply the way it is. I don't this shit for you, I do it for me. Don't like it? Unsubscribe, or don't visit the blog. I seriously do not care. That's just so we're clear. I really don't want to hear your complaints or opinions on the matter. Your pocketbook and/or patronage will speak loud enough. Does that make you hate me forever? Once again, do not care, don't want to hear it.

That being said, obviously I need to prepare for those sort catastrophes in the future. Which means I'm gonna have to bust out some filler sets. Like the character sketches I post from time to time, but expanded in scope. In fact there is one posted on the paysite ( right now. Don't get too used to them though, they are for emergency use only. Normal sets are still the plan.

Also, as some have noticed the download section didn't work anymore. Such was my funk that I couldn't even be bothered to setup another free account with E-Junkie. That has now been fixed with a new and improved storefront. Much better interface. With an actual shopping cart and everything! Which makes life alot easier for those folks who decide they need to buy EVERY set at once (honestly I still do not understand that, but w/e). And as a sidenote, I'm also making new sets free for members for the next month or so. See how I just slid that in there? Pretty slick, huh?

In any case, the new Star Trek set I've been working on should be done soon(tm). The poses are done. And halfway thru setting expressions and doing minor corrections. After that it's just render and postwork! Yay!


IronCrab said...

We all need to take a break from time to time. Good to see you again. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear you're still with us, to be fair there's nothing wrong with a few donkey dicks lying around. Glad to have you back and inspired. Can't wait to see what you pull out of your hat. :)

Cryotek said...

Suck a donkey dick? I think you already drew that set lol :P

Everyone needs to take a break, good to see ya back. :)

Tipler said...

Glad you are okay and in one piece.
As for having a "major funk", I know how that is. I write short fiction stories and have those times too. Best to push everything away till you are up in the mood again.
So in that sense : Happy rendering and wellcome back.

Snake said...

This attitude towards your fans/customers is insanely immature and childish.
Go and stuck that donkey dick deep in your "arse", douchebag...
Simple as it is, isn't it?


falsefantasy said...

As someone who was subscribed for 2 months to your website (unsubscribed 2 days before it ran out on the 11th of April),
I have to say your response to people who were waiting for more content is disappointing to say the least.

Funk or no funk, at the very least your paying fans/customers deserved at least a comment saying that you were OK and that you needed a break.

Consider that my 'pocketbook and/or patronage' response as I will remain unsubscribed and will remove you from my daily sojourn.

Will said...

Did I read correctly that you will be "...making new sets free for members for the next month or so."? Does this include only existing members or can it apply to members just joining or rejoining your paysite? (I closed my account the day before and will gladly reopen it if this is the case and will keep it open from now on and will try not to get carried away thinking you died or some shit like that)

If so then that is pretty fucking slick indeed and much better than some pussy apology and does compensate your bit over the top comments regarding your fickle (I'm guilty of being one of the fickle ones) fanbase which is to be expected in any industry or individual that provides/shares this sort of stuff.

Anonymous said...

Wait, members have to buy sets too despite being members? What's the point of membership then?

Will said...

Members get massive discount, whereas non-members pay $10 members pay $2. Also as a member you can view the sets but it's better to download them if you wish to view them in more detail which is what I what do for the sets that catch my fancy.

$12 for a 'mature' paysite and an additional $2 optional download fee per-set isn't bad at all considering the quality of MB's work.

Though I do have to ask is there anyway to 'rewrite' your site for members so the sets are indeed free or have a way to say pay you an x amount of money in advance which will then provide said purchaser in advance with a guarantee/surety of an x-amount of sets (based upon purchaser's choosing) based upon the said x-amount of advanced payment without the necessity of signing or resigning up for membership but all the while having the said amount for the advanced/not yet published sets be either equal to or close to equal to the membership's current discount price of $2?

Basically simply put is it possible to provide some sort of 'giftcard' option that allows someone to 'bank' up a currency holding to your sets? I believe if possible could help and be a happy medium between members and non-members where non-members pay $5-$10, members $0-$2,and 'giftcard' members pay $2-$4 per set,also the 'giftcard' (which would be a digital-item not a hard/tangible one)could have a 'code' on it that allows a potential buyer view half of the said set prior to purchase.

Then again I'm sure there is a whole shitload of difficulty working that all out if it's at all feasible even after all of the technical and potential legal hurdles.

geos_omega said...

Wow, Way to insult your loyal fans/customers.

Will said...

Am I like the only one who sees the most recent entry of MB as a 'hidden' apology?

Yes MB did tell all of us who bitch (I being quite guilty of that, see the 'SW-TOR' posts below for concrete examples) to basically 'fuck off'.

However that said MB has done the following which gives me the impression that this is a 'hidden' apology which has compensated for his 'rudeness'.

1. Explained/shared his frustrations with more detail than just simply telling us to all go screw ourselves.

2. Was honest albeit blatantly honest regarding our overall worth to him being solely our 'pocketbooks'
(I would disagree and say our overall worth is primarily our 'pocketbooks' not our only worth or he wouldn't explain in as sufficient detail; also look at MB's overall posting history this is a 'bite-back-refused-to-be-cornered' post/blog entry which is an exception not the rule per se that is to be weighed against all other past posts/blog entries and compared and valued accordingly)

3. Realizes the 'catastrophe' this has recently brought about and premeditates a partial solution of providing 'filler sets' for these sudden hiatuses of creativity that MB like any artist will have from time to time.)

4. Improves the shopping method/s

5. '...making new sets FREE for members for the next month or so.' (my emphasis).

What appears rude and insulting at a quick overall glance actually IMO ends up after putting it through a simple scrutiny of evaluation an 'apology' of sorts the term in quotes being used in it's original and evolved concept as a 'defense of explanation' and as a 'I'm sorry.' statement without directly saying 'I'm sorry'.

Cryotek said...

As Will said, he's not insulting his loyal fans/customers, to those he's giving free sets and improved site service to at least try to make amends. The people he's insulting are the ones that won't accept that sometimes you just need a break and that's all there is to it.

Faceless Minion said...

"I don't do this shit for you, I do it for me" doesn't fly remotely as well when you've set up a paysite. So perhaps you shouldn't act like a giant cock towards your customers?

excustomer said...

I was giving you the benefit of the doubt that you needed a break so I wasn't canceling my sub, but apparently since you're only doing this for yourself you don't need my money.

I'm not giving you money to randomly go emo and disappear then come back insulting everyone. "as long as I'm getting your money then I don't give a shit" attitude will very quickly reduce your subscriber base to 0. have fun paying for your domain and server then.

Anonymous said...

hope all is well, i know the feeling. you just gotta focus on what makes you happy

MongoBongo said...

Kekekkekeke... Oh the rage. It's funny that as soon you say "I don't want to hear your opinion" the first thing people do is share their opinion with you. Love it. Please though, rage away. Your tears sustain me.

But at least some people get it. Tangible benefits are indeed much better than pussy apologies.

geos_omega said...

People are going to share opinions regardless. Just saying "don't do that" isn't going to stop that.

Also, the benefits are okay, but knowing that you at least remotely give a shit about people who pay you for a service is pretty nice.

I understand there are slumps. However, you could have handled this MUCH better. You could have had a tiny update at least saying "hey i'm not dead, just in a slump." or something.

Plus, you've turned what was a hobby into a business, and promised a service in a certain time frame. You have on obligation there.

If it's free, it doesn't matter. You have no obligation. People can be pissed if you take a break, but there's no real point seeing as how they're getting something for free.

This is why some people don't get a job involving their hobby. Because then it becomes work instead of a free time activity.

You probably won't read all that, but idc. It's the truth and I felt like it needed to be said.

Will said...

I second geos_omega's most recent comment. This whole 'fiasco' arose from a lack of communication coupled with the expectation of weekly updates.

My whole concern was whether or not MB had retired or passed away after all my money is for the living and working not the dead and useless.

All has been really said that could be said on the matter the good, the bad and the shitload of ugly time to move on.

Snake said...

Mongy, you still don't get it, you bad pussy boy. You've promised updates for money, the ppl have paid that amount, but didn't get anything, not even a "Sorry boys i will be away for a while, stay tuned".
Srsly, is it so hard to say a damn sorry? Pls don't even answer.
You've just earned some enemys who could have been remained as fans thanks to your E-karate.

Nicely done Mongyboy


Harbl said...

I think as long as you keep providing your services, it's more than worth it. the money monthly spent on your site is about as much as some of us neckbeards spend on takeout for dinner. Product is better than apologies. That said, it is understandable that making porn for a living could become draining on anyone and if you feel like you need breaks, it's no problems at all, just post a quick update about the situation and I'm sure everyone will be more than understanding. Better to have month or two of no updates than mongo to burn out completely and then we're all left with less niche fap material.

Kyle Askar said...

Glad to see you back, and just a note, i have had that "bleh" happen to me too in the past, and one thing that helped to fix it was allergy medicine. just some plain generic is good, as things bloom and grow i start to sEEezE aaAACHOO!!, ahem, well you get the idea.
Cant wait to see more of your work!

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back Mongo! If you ever want some random set ideas give us a holler! lol Best wishes - Ravana and Aguilera

Anonymous said...

Hey man I've been there before. It's. A. Bitch. As a fellow artist (who you basically raised up from obscurity btw), I completely get where you're coming from. Sometimes stuff cannot, or will not, get done for whatever reason and you're only recourse is to step back, pop a beer, and wait to get out of whatever funk you've gotten yourself into. Hope you're feeling better my friend!

theonlywoody said...

And here we are.... Now April 24th. Cancelling subscription. Sorry. But I run my own business and work too hard for my money. I understand you can have a slump. I don't give a stuff for any apology, take your hiatus for as long as you want but you should not still be taking people's money. All that about doing this for yourself etc - that stopped when you started charging people money. You advertise a service in exchange for money, then you need to provide that service continuously. Otherwise you're just someone taking a vacation on other people's cash.

Oh well,
It was good while it lasted.

MongoBongo said...

*checks date* ... Yeah...

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