Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wonder Woman

So this week we have Wonder Woman. Now for the longest time I couldn't really care less about Wonder Woman. The character just didn't really do anything for me. Then I did the Lara Croft & Wonder Woman commission a few months back. And of course did a bit of research into her. Got a bit interested. And then I saw DC's New52 version. No more of the "defeating evil with love and peace" crap. Now it's "I'm a goddamn Amazon demigod and I'll fucking stab you in the face with a sword!". Which frankly seems a bit more like a Amazon warrior chick. Plus the story is pretty good - reminds me alot of Neil Gaiman's stuff. Not overly keen on the art, definitely prefer Jim Lee's version in Justice League. But it still ain't bad.

For my version it's kind of a cross between her new outfit and old one. With a few liberties taken here and there. It's a short little 12 pic set available for viewing and/or download at www.mongo-bongo-art.com.



iberios said...

oh my fucking god! i am her number one fan. you got her outfit perfect! where did you find all the pieces?????
how did you make her? what programs? what did you buy?

Hammer said...

I like her expression in the first image: distrust, but willing to give you one more chance to get the truth.

iberios said...

cant wait for a follow up with her next partner. even though he not part of the new 52, the dc guy 'magog' would be awesome choice since his power comes from gods too, and his helmet looks a bit satyrish, which is greek mythology, so she would proly get all wet just lookin at it! hahahahahahaa but that would be a very hot pairing!!!
also alot of lesbian action with the 'twins', powergirl and supergirl would be fuckin crazy sweet!
just please dont do superman...hes too much of a wussy pussy boy for dom diva bitch lois. the amazon you described, "stab you in the fuckig face" hahahahahahaa would never fuck him! and she does have the power to prevent her own rape.
even though batman makes sense with his 'tortured soul thing and herr love thing', she would break all his bones and squish him to death with just one orgasm...and that shit appeals to some, but not on this site, luckily!
flash is a pussy
green lantern is unworthy

aquaman and mera in a threesome would be fucking cool!

Anonymous said...

Can we have her with Krypto?

Anonymous said...

The blue boots may look better with the uniform, but the red boots look better with her nude.

Anonymous said...

This is so freaking awesome. Great work as always mongo!

Anonymous said...

Yes please, Wonderwoman and Krypto would be amazing, would buy that set in a heart beat.

Anonymous said...

I too would like to add a vote towards the Wonder Woman with Krypto the super-dog idea! Make it really wild! Though, i prefer red boots, if that matters.

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