Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bretonnia Knight: Dragon's Lair

So our last set with a dragon explored the downside of being one of the fantasy world's most epic badass beasties. But it has it's upsides too! There's the treasure, the damsels, and most of the time you get to beat the knight. And if you're lucky you can get the knight & damsel combo package. Like the lovely Lady Katherine d'Clairmonte! Who thanks to you guys finally has a name. Ended up combining the first and second place votes together since it was so close. And amusingly enough, both names came from a random name generator rather than a suggestion - go figure. In any case, new set is out! 25 pics of dragon-ey fun available for viewing and/or download at

If you are not familiar with Lady d'Clairmonte you can check out her previous adventures here.

The set obviously took a bit longer than usual. Thanks to all the reflections and displacement maps. But I'm rather happy with the way the metal turned out. That and the lava. Still, should make getting out next week's set in a reasonable time rather interesting. :-P

See No Evil by Aery Soul (see AlfaseeD for similar)
DAZ Dragon Lair by Daz3D (not available anymore - try Dragons Treasure instead)


Will said...

Just purchased the set looks awesome will have time to view it in more 'detail' when I get home from work.

Anonymous said...

excellent great work, she is one of my favorites

Cryotek said...

Awesome set like always MB! Rather see your work looking great than timely and half finished, I wouldn't sweat the next set in a reasonable time. ;)

Anonymous said...

More Brettonia Knight (w/ horse) please! Love her!

BTW, when I downloaded my membership copy of the dragon set, some of the pictures were missing (14-18, I think). You might want to check that file.

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