Friday, August 5, 2011

One-Year Anniversary!

Yes, I am still alive! Just been busy amusing myself with other crap. In any case, it's been a year and a month since I started this little blog. And have been having a ball with it. Am finishing up some more commissions (some of which I'll post) and then I can finish up some sets I've been working on. But on to how the blog has been doing...

For the year, there have been over 850,000 page views from 128,000 unique visitors. With United States, Germany, and Russia holding the top three places. Which given the fact that I haven't really done much with the site for the past 6 months ain't too bad.

For downloads from Deposit Files and MegaUpload it seems that the animations are the big favorite. The Troll & Alice animation had over 17,000 downloads alone. All told have had about 88,000 downloads (apparently I should do the money links on those). And people seem to prefer MegaUpload by a vast majority.

Google Analytics RISK is still kind of blah. Have only conquered Europe and North America. Papua New Guinea and French Guyana are both still preventing me from conquering Australia and South America respectively. Africa still has plenty of countries left, however Asia is almost done. Just a few fabulous countries like Myanmar and North Korea left. But have gotten some interesting little places like the Seychelles actually visit the site.

So all in all it's been a fun year. Finally back in the Poser mood again, so you all will have some new stuff soon.


Anonymous said...

Grats on crossing the 1 year mark. Looking forward to the new stuff. Even though you haven't posted in a long time you're still in the top slot of my RSS list!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations from me too, and hope to see fresh stuff soon! :)

JCD said...


It's been fun for me, too. Looking forward to the new stuff.

Cheers & nice weekend,


Malcanthet said...

I eagerly anticipate what is in store.


Yes I like sharing.

Anonymous said...

So glad you're still in action! For what it's worth, I prefer the pic sets over the animations (just my two cents). My favorite is still the Sylrahtae set (elf and orc) :)

Keep up the good work!

joeannie said...

Nice image - would like a copy without the stats :) Your posed gals always nice :)

MongoBongo said...

I have another version of it over on my gallery at Deviant Art. Just search for MongoBongoArt and dig around in my gallery there.

Uncle Hunk said...

Yeah, good luck with your further beginnings!
PS: damn, need more visits from me to make Russia on the first place by =P

Anonymous said...

congrats and don't sweat it on the update drought; plenty of other stuff on the web to hold over on ;)

Also, I like this sexy sorceress character you use for your milestones. any chance of seeing her in an image set (maybe dealing with a disobedient familiar/summon? >:) )

Anonymous said...

welcome bask, dude!!
may i request to make 'naruto hentai'!!
i really like that, boss!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet, glad to see you're prepping to get active again. The Brettonia Knight and horse happens to be my favorite, hope to see something else like that. :3

MongoBongo said...

@Anon - Actually have been tossing around some story ideas for Amilee (the sexy sorceress banner-girl). So some day you might see a whole lot of her.

@Anon - Umm... Naruto hentai will probably never happen. Ninjas in orange fucking jumpsuits? Who thought that was a good idea? :shudder: And really that series never seemed to have the necessary fan-service sex appeal to grab me. Just always seems to be fart jokes... :-/

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