Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Silly Animation Test

Showoff Deluxe for A4 and V4.2 by Stimuli (the best animator evah!)

Was watching a Monty Oum interview the other day and was kinda amazed to learn that he mostly used playblasts (ie. quick renders) for his movies. (If you don't know who he is, check out Dead Fantasy - fucking AWESOME!) In any case, figured I'd test it out with a figure, some random props, and a background. Works fine, finishes quick, and quality difference between quick render and my normal animation render is negligible at that size. This took about 5 minutes to render. At my normal settings it'd be 8+ hours.

But whatever. Enjoy the silly animation. And yes, there are alot of poke-thru issues. It's just a quick test after all.

DOWNLOAD 54 secs / 13mb - Deposit Files / MegaUpload


Fat Tony said...

5 minutes sounds very good..
But I don't understand need of quick render at all. It is quiet hard to make the long animation with poser/daz resources - I mean custom animation without using presets.

JCD said...

Yeah, wiggle them, baby !!!

It's a nice little animation for sure, and I simply love the somewhat exaggerated posing by her. I am not familiar with the different techniques when it comes to 3D-arts, but for - hey!!! - only 5min effort this looks even more impressive to me.

Cheers, Jess

MongoBongo said...

Nice find Hitman! That's a good piece of animation!

FP37 said...

A very impressive piece of work, especially if it only involved five minutes of preparation. The videos flagged up by Hitman looked pretty fantastic. Keep up the good work. You keep testing the boundaries. The technology on this is only going to get better and better. I believe this format has great potential.

Balmung83 said...

do you have an high definition version of this? it looks good as an animated desktop wallpaper

Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice! Amazing for a 5 minute job!

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