Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Ryoko

Made some changes to Ryoko. New on the left, older version on the right. Changed the skin texture, lightened the "cyber-tattoo" design, changed her eyes up, and gave her some new hair. And of course some new clothes (not like those stay on anyways). I know most of you prefer fantasy, but variety makes life spicey (or something like that).


Anonymous said...

I never had much of a preference between the two of fantasy vs sci fi. How long does it normally take you to do a model and design it all? I've always wondered about the computer needed, the expensive software, and all that other stuff to make this sort of quality art.

MongoBongo said...

Model and design doesn't take that long at all. Usually I have a pretty good idea of what I want to produce so just grab the figures and pose. Texturing generally takes a bit longer, since I modify the base textures quite a bit (edge blends, color ramps, alt speculars, reflects, etc). And then rendering which can take anywhere from 15mins to 10+ hours depending on the quality and how intricate the scene is.

As for computer and software... I use a crappy laptop and Poser. Computer determines how large your scenes can get and how fast they render. And software varies. You can get DAZ Studio for free. Poser runs around $250 or so. Both are pretty user friendly. Or you can go with the heavy duty pro stuff like Cinema 4D, Maya, Lightwave, Vue, etc. Which require fairly decent computers and run $1000+.

Oxayotl said...

Love Ryoko :D

Liked her with the Troll, and love her new incarnation quite alot!

Any chance of a listing on what clothing and props you used? Especially that rifle she's holding :D

No harm done if you don't wish to share!

Keep up the fantastic work!

MongoBongo said...

Yeah, next set I use her in I'll list out all the stuff. It's a huge pain to, believe me.

Tony said...

She's looking fantastic :D Looking forward to seeing her in action!

JCD said...

Hmmm, somehow I seem to prefer the old version...


But then again I haven't seen the new one in action yet. That might be it, really.


Anonymous said...

The new eyes gave her a extremly wicked look, I think. But, I like it. It's something.... special? ;)

Fastmax said...

I really like this character model design alot because it delves into sci-fi and has the rather unique "techno-halo" effects (as I can think to simply call it from whatever its true label) and "illuminated circuit etches" upon the skin/body.

Most female nude models I am finding to be quite dull cause there's nothing to look at upon the form physique/skin itself. Things like tattoo designs or "circuit etchings" is different and exciting to look upon. Costuming vs nude, as well, is more engaging especially when the outfit design upon the 3d female model itself is "screamin" sexily.
This is to me what erotic 3dcg modeling is about.
Doing "the fantastic!!" and forgetting about "mimicking" reality.

Hope to see more Ryoko.

Fastmax said...

Been comparing the changes from "old" to "new".
Love the new changes to the hair and eyes.
Although costume-wise, the old boots seemed more inline with her body form design. And the less (new) clothing, the more of the "circuit etchings" can be seen. The C.E.'s is one element that gives her "visual character" aside from the facial appearance.

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