Monday, August 30, 2010

Avatar Special! - Na'vi & Thanator

Seeing how Avatar re-released this weekend, figured I'd do a set for it! Well actually it's just an excuse to use some morphs and figures I had hiding in my Runtime. TBH I thought Avatar sucked ass. Crappy writing, two dimensional characters, stupid insipid plot. Just sooooo bad! Not even a scene like this one could save it. But that's what you get when Cameron tries to write. He should just stick to directing (which he is damn good at). In any case, enjoy the sexy blue Na'vi taming a Thanator.

Still got the Bretonnia Knight set in the works, along with a few other things.

DOWNLOAD 19 pics / 19mb - Deposit Files (updated Jun'12)



Oxayotl said...

Love it!

Been following your work for awhile now. Massive fan of Vaesark and Fullytank, so safe to say i am a BIG fan of this set right here!

Would love to see similiar sets from you Mongo Bongo!


JCD said...

Like the idea, to take 'real' movies and turn them into 3D-Art. By the way, did I ever mention that I am a huge fan of Harry Potter's HERMIONE (i.e. Emma Watson)?!

Just a subtle hint.


themagicwombat said...

I love it! you don't know how long I've been looking for Avatar porn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't call this porn. This is Art :)
I am very glad that you chose Thanator instead of male Na'vi. Monsters are always better.
By the way among many good artists you are the second best.
I'm looking forward to your next set of art. :)

Shmaded said...

I really like your stuff. I've been a long time follower of vaes before he had any links at all. So I'm glad for the links now! Anyway I LOVE the xray stuff. now maybe you could make larger instruments for the girls to use eh? Thank you!

MongoBongo said...

JCD - Hermione is highly unlikely as whenever I think of Harry Potter films I see her as a little 12 year old from the first films. Plus I wasn't a huge fan of the movie or books. Subconscious loli and shitty series are a bad combo for "art" (it really is just porn). You'd have better luck trying to convince Vaesark to stop pouting and do his version. Sorry mate, I know she's a big fave of many. :-(

Shmaded - Think you'll be a big fan of the Bretonnia Knight.

Anonymous - "Second best"? Mai dick... suk eet!

JCD said...

Thanks for the honest reply.

As you rightly remember, I had convinced Vaesark already - he has even created an IMHO really cute version of Hermione. But as we speak (or better: write) he is still out of business, and nobody knows what is going to happen...

Have a nice Weekend.

Cheers, Jess

Chup@Cabra said...

Great work with this set ^_^

I wish I could pull off renders that looked as well, but that will have to wait until I get that as-yet-mythical high end system :-)

I noticed you used the "Felina" texture from Renderotica, but touched it up a bit (again, nice work).

For my own Na'Vi renders, I use the freebie made by Magneto/Saphira98 over at ShareCG:

I also use a 'no pinky' morph made by Chris Cox:

I have no idea how to give the model only 4 toes, but then only Foot Fetishists would notice that small detail ^_^

Fastmax said...

Now I gotta say here that the "Thanator" beast ..has an "alien-looking" cock moreso than the Lava Troll's in the "Ryoko" set.
Could be more "pulpier" although, -just for the "male fantasy" of it, that is.

Did you design, specifically, the beast's sex organ?

Anonymous said...

Damn shame megauploads down... seems that this file has been removed from deposit files too...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, any chance of a re-upload to maybe Mediafire or something?

Anonymous said...

i agree with the above two. this is a great set, and deserves to be uploadable. any plans in the works?

Time Wanker said...

The Link to Deposit Files (dated June '12) is broken. Goes nowhere. :-(

Anonymous said...

Taken down due to copyright, maybe a new link could be added?

Anonymous said...

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Savarin107 said...

Link is gone, Reupload it?

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