Monday, December 21, 2015

Giant RedRobot Drop!

So yeah. Uploaded a bunch of sets from RedRobot, which are some of his best work yet! Ok one I uploaded a month or so ago, but just completely forgot to make a post for it. But that means it still counts! In any case, definitely worth taking a look. There's some good shit! First up is vampire huntress Helen Black who of course gets captured and ends up becoming the sex slave of the Vampire Queen. Then there's the continuing story of the witch Hallow, and her pussy-pounding adventures in the Lair of the Minotaur. Followed by the classic sci-fi tale of a researcher and her erotic encounter with a lab specimen (it's standard scientific practice in the future!). And lastly a bunch of sorority sluts on the prowl for hard cock decide to take on the Chess Champ! All available at

Helen Black: Vampire Hunter

Tales of Hallow: Lair of the Minotaur

Interspecies Communication



And of course the obligatory movie review. Checked it out Friday morning. And I'm sure it'll piss off fanbois and the like, but I didn't think it was a terribly good movie. It wasn't necessarily a bad one, it just wasn't very good. And after the last three, it kinda did need to be good. Like "knock it out of the park" home-run good. And it just wasn't. And that's even over-looking the whole replay of the the first movie, which we can just write off to the whole "nod to the past" stuff. Sure, that works for me. But the new characters are just.... well.... they don't have any character. And it's not the actors fault, cuz they did a good job. It's just the writing. They just came across as kinda hollow to me.

With Luke, we got the whole - wants to join the rebellion, was actually a decent pilot who bullseyed womprats, and ends up getting dragged into the whole thing cuz his family was killed and had no other real choices. But with our plucky new heroine, she's just magically a mechanic genius and awesome pilot cuz... reasons! Or something. Alright we can believe she's a decent mechanic cuz of the scavenging thing - cuz that's what you do when you're an awesome mechanic, you scavenge... I guess. Not to mention the whole "this droid is now my best friend" and I'll attack people on it's say-so, and then instantly befriend the person I attacked cuz... more reasons. Oh! And there's also the "my life has been shit", full of misery, loneliness, and anger - yet somehow I immediately embrace the Light side cuz.... more reasons? And being awesome, I self-train all my Jedi powers in a matter of minutes. The shit just did not make sense. Which sucks cuz Daisy Ridley did a good job. Or as well as she could with the shitty writing she was handed.

And then there's Finn. Who is janitorial staff, but somehow also on the top commander's kill team? What? How does that make sense? At least try to explain that somehow. Bureaucratic mix-up? Had always naively wanted to become a real stormtrooper? Give us something. Hell, all it takes is one line to give him some sort of backstory. And for a kid that was raised by the First Order to do one job, he sure does seem to be a pretty well-rounded, socially-adaptable, and level-headed guy. Not something you would really expect being raised in such a repressive environment where you don't even get a name. Oh, and he self-trains (albeit poorly) lightsaber combat as well. Cuz he's also awesome.

Speaking of lightsaber combat, fucking Kylo Ren. Is he supposed to be menacing or comic relief? I don't get it. Yes he's angry teen, wannabe Darth Vader, driven to rage tantrums by his own insecurities. That is his character and how he is apparently written. But he's not scary.. At all... You don't even get the vibe that he's barely hanging on the edge of sanity and could go batshit crazy at any moment - which would be a legit reason to be scared of him. He's just a pouty kid. Who apparently also sucks at being a Sith, cuz despite being trained to use a lightsaber he can't roflstomp two schmucks who just saw their first glowstick a mere hour ago. Guess he's not awesome.

And it wasn't even a self-contained movie! There was no feeling of resolution to it. What was the main plot? Was it to find Skywalker? Or was it to blow up the Ultra-Death Star? Choose one and stick with it. Even Phantom Menace had a main plot - save Naboo from the invasion. This was just... I don't know what this was. I don't think anybody did. It didn't seem to have any idea where it was going. Why was the Ultra-Death Star even put in there? It didn't do anything to further the story other than to provide explosions. It just... ugh.

Yeah y'know what? The more I think about it, the more that movie just kinda sucked. Bleh.


Oh, and also working on a Mynxie set for Christmas. Hopefully it'll be done before the holiday. No, it has nothing to do with Game of Thrones. Just wanted to make a silly pic.


Anonymous said...

When I was a member and when you were still updating regularly, your Mynxie sets were hands down my favorites. I was sad when you "stopped" last year right before Christmas and that there was no Mynxie. Glad to hear she is coming back. I will gladly purchase this set when you release it! Can't wait.

Magic Dairy said...

Nice Mynxie pic, MB. Looking forward to the new set.

johnny smith said...

Regarding TFA I've heard that its better the second time, once all the will ot suck or won't it suck worries are out of the way.And about Starkiller station, that was the system where the New Republic's Senate meets. So the Senate is gone. Its not made clear in the movie though. And Kylo Ren ISN'T a Sith. He hasent completed his training, he is conflicted and there fore not strong in the dark side. And just before the lightsaber fight, he is shot by Chewie's Bowcaster, so he isn't at his best. As for Rey, her badass skills, aside from force influence will probably be explaned in VIII. Probably she was an apprentence at Lukes Jedi school and gets her memories repressed after Ren wreaks the place.

Also you should do a star wars set, maybe with a rey look alike.

YmomY said...

Merry Christmas Mongo.. have a good time ;D

Leonard Guptan said...

Merrrrri Christmas Mongo.
I liked The Force Awakens more than you, it seems :v My main problems were with the VERY thinly stretched plot and the villains apart from Kylo Ren. Ok, maybe all the characters were a bit meh, but you just can't stand up to the original trilogy's badasses. Either way, the movie's awesome moments and general feel made up for it, for me at least. 8.5/10
On another note, HOLY CRAP a Rei set would be AWESOME, if you still do that sorta thing. Goddammit, there's SO MANY scenes in movies these days where I'm like "Holy crap, this would be a sex scene in someone else's hands." And it totally should be. I mean. Rei. Locked onto a table. Kylo Ren. Boom.
Ooooooor, even better, Rei. Han's freighter. Ugly ass tentacle monsters. Finn runs like a little bitch and leaves Rei to "handle" it. Boom.
Lol there's so many scenes in movies where I'm like "TENTACLE SEX" these days. There's Transformers 4, with that super hot chick and that thing that wraps its... Thing... Around her leg. Then there's Agents of SHIELD and that underwater tentacle plant thing. Then there's Black Widow and Scarlet Witch and ALL. THOSE. ROBOTS. (Ok, not tentacle sex, but it COULD BE, especially with that magicky chick hanging around)
On, whatever. Just... Word vomit, I guess. That you could maybe turn into set ideas or whatnot of you wanted to. Either way, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year Mongo, and may all your wishes, hopes, dreams and fantasies come true.

Will S said...

I just saw the movie and agree with you, I did like it cuz I like SW but yea I left and read this after I saw the movie and I said some of this stuff leaving. Esp Kylo Ren...... what a fail bad guy ... I also did not like the amount of screen time the elderly characters had, way too much I dont want to see or remember them that way :-/ And Fin.......... biggest disappointment, he was too soft for me to beliv he was trained to be a storm trooper needed a cut masculine bad ass IMO. Maybe he snuck on the ship in that raid lol ... He looked like a janitor that did no training at all .

YmomY said...

(ノ^_^)ノ Happy New Year MONGO!!

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