Saturday, March 21, 2015

Zen - Cats Pajamas

Another Zen set! Available in the full complete version. Fleeing a lecherous suitor, elf princess Rubithia seeks refuge in the forest -- and finds unexpected release for all her animal desires. Features haughty elves, big boobs, rude groping, landing strip, fingering, licking, oral, vaginal, anal, deep throat, cum-shots, and cat-creature sex. It's 120 pics of epic elfy erotic adventure at And remember all sales go directly to the Zen. So buy it here and now, so he can get the most out of the purchase!

And keep in mind, this is the full complete panther-sex version. Not that weak half-assed shit that other sites try pawn off on you, the discerning customer that you are. You know the sites I'm talking about, the ones that continue to do business and get paid by their card-processors. (Though amusingly enough they do business with the same card processor I do and are mostly likely in the same boat of having significant amounts of money seriously past due.) Fortunately however, we just don't give a shit about "rules" cuz I'm like all xxxhardcore and shit (LOL). No really, it's just cuz I'm lazy, disinterested, don't give a shit, and am hardly bothering with the site at all - as can be evidenced by the fact that out of the last 4 sets posted on the site, 3 have not been done by me. ... Wow that went off on a rambling tangent. Anyway, point is - PANTHER SEX! Cuz that makes everything better!

But there is a method to my lack of rendering. Still slogging away at Unity and game dev stuff. And I should mention, that Unity5 was released beginning of this month. Which while it entails some annoyance at having to relearn and fix little things, also includes something amazingly awesome - you can get the FULL COMPLETE version of Unity completely free. As long as you are NOT making $100K+/year using the program, it's absolutely free. Every feature, every perk, it's all included. So if you ever wanted to play around with game dev, download it and give it a shot.


Little Matty said...

Thanks Mongo my sister was so upset that it might not have the Panther in this! Thanks for explaining that this is the good version! Hell yeah hardcore forced monster beast on human girl is the best! Nothing else compares!
Zen did an awesome job creating that girl in this Cats set. She is really sexy and pretty. Everyone should buy this set and support Zen he works ultra hard for us all!
But still we really miss your Art Mongo.
Seriously it hurts not having awesome Mongo Bongo art to look forward to. You were the Michael Jordan of erotic art and it's like you quit to play baseball? Please come back and slam duck some giant monster cock into a busty young innocent babe !
I have an idea for you. Serious. And all my sisters and brothers would be your super patrons and all donate together to help you make lots of money and support your art. Here look at this guy his name is animopron. Google it and you'll see his patron page. He is the rival of studio fow. He makes epic forced 3D POV movie check out Elle in chains and then see his epic Lara horse video! Have you seen it? He makes about 2 grand a month and you could too and then make even more selling sets!
Anyway please come back Mongo and make more art! Make a patron page, make pic sets, and make some animation vid shorts too since you like videos now.
Thank you. Have a great weekend!

Trond said...

Yeah, scrap that Unity shit! It'll take 5 years before you get anything done like this... at least with your art you had some releases.

MongoBongo said...

Mmmm... Thnx for the words of support. Appreciate it.

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