Saturday, August 30, 2014

Spider-man: Green Goblin - Part 1

The first part of a Green Goblin set. Gwen Stacy gets a ride home in the back of Norman Osborn's limo. It's 40 pics of Goblin formula fun available only at And the set download is free for members for the next month(or so)!

So went with the Willem Dafoe version of Norman Osborne. Cuz he did a kickass job of it, trying to do the hair from the comic version would just look weird. Seriously what kind of hair style is that? Does hair even do that? Whatever. Dafoe was better and easier anyway. And tried to channel in a bit of Bobby Peru as well. Cuz he freaked me the fuck out in that role. Also the set is kinda in time for the release of the Amazing Spider-man 2 DVD. Ok, not really. And wasn't intended either, was just a happy coincidence. Wasn't even a very good movie (think I reviewed it last Spidey set). Don't waste your money on the DVD.

And speaking of wasting money, people are still signing up for subscription memberships. Why?!! I suppose it would make sense if they were doing it to make use of the discount before it's ended... but they aren't. So it's just weird. Really don't understand it. But whatever, their money. Also this is the first of the last two free member downloads (did that even make sense?), so only ONE more free set left. Which coincidentally enough, will be part two of Green Goblin. Will probably also be around the same size (35-40 pics). After that it's gonna be smaller sets (20-30 pics) unfortunately. On the plus side, they should get finished a bit sooner.



Faro09 said...

I rarely comment on here anymore, but I'm still lurking around. I haven't seen the set yet, haven't since the sub problems you've been having, but I'm liking what I see. The second image you posted here has to be my favorite, aside from the sexy parts of course. I'm always glad to see Gwen fooling around behind Spidey's back. I'm interested what will happen with her, considering the movie and all. Anyways, keep up the good work and sorry about the money problems you've been having.

Trond said...

The set looks ok. I'm far from a spider man fan myself and have allways found that superhero story very lame and lackluster compared to some other comics. But you made a decent attempt of a bad prospect on this one. Not overly excited about the follow up, but I hope the new set sized will be at around 30 images at least. 20-25 feels a bit too low...

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a very good set even though all of the needles frightened me. When I was looking at the preview images I saw Norman's nasty green Goblincock and I was like "gross you need to get that checked out man" but then I read the story and every thing became clear! I also really appreciated the ending and its powerful message about the dangers of drugs. Looking forward to set # two!

MongoBongo said...

@Faro - Indeed, it is well known that Gwen is the trampiest whore in comicdom.

@ Trond - Yeah, not all sets are gonna appeal to all people. But that's the nature of variety. And new sets are aiming at 20-30 which is slightly more than 25 max.

@Capitan-France - LOL I see what you did there. Well played sir! You know your comic history.

(For the ignorant out there, Spider-man was the first comic to publish an anti-drug message in defiance of the vaunted Comics Code Authority. Cuz back in that time, any mention of drugs - even an anti-drug message - was against the rules. Brilliant, right? And coincidentally enough, that was in story called "The Green Goblin Reborn!". So now you know.)

sasquatch_picnic said...

Would getting a subscription membership (just for this month) still be a good deal if you wanted to buy up a lot of the old sets? How much longer will the member's discount last? Would you recommend just to wait and see what you do with pricing?

MongoBongo said...

@Sasquatch - If you are gonna buy up a bunch of old sets right now, then yeah, getting a subscrip for a month would be a good idea. The member discount will stick around for a couple weeks after the last freebie set for those folks that join up. After that, not alot of point to the membership thing except to view the galleries.

Martin Daniel said...

Mongo, you're so good at sex parodies!
Any chance you'll do one on The Lost World
with the delicious Veronica and Marguerite sexually assaulted by Neanderthals, dinosaurs, reptilians and the many monsters of the plateau? That would be great!

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