Thursday, July 19, 2012

Le Tour de Mongo

Hot elf chicks and cycling. What more could you ask for? If the Tour de France were more like this, we wouldn't watch anything else. Ever. And it stars our two favorite mascot girls - Amilee & Mynxie. Going head-to-head in more ways than one. All this in an 18 pic set. And as a special addition, a superspecialawesome animation (available in both the gallery and the download). So ride on over to my very French bike-racey website - - and check it out!

It's the last few days of the Tour de France!... Yeah I don't watch it much either. But the idea is really cool. Plus after getting my new bike I got inspired. "New bike" you ask? Indeed. For my old bike was stolen. On the 4th of July of all days. Outside a coffee shop. At fucking 7am. Honestly, who fucking steals a bike at 7 in the morning? Dicks. So anyway I got the new bike and it is sweeeeeeeeet. Slides over the road like a drop of sweat down the firm toned ass of a hot elf cyclist. Or something like that. LOL. Oh and was also inspired a bit by the great Galhound set from a few years ago by Masamune Shirow (go look it up if you have no idea wtf I'm talking about).

Anyway this set would have been done a few days ago except for that damn animation. It came out pretty well (still a few things I'd want to fix - of course), but damn did it take long to render. Fortunately I did not have to worry about cats pulling the plug though. Because for starters I do not co-habitate with a feline. Also I work out of my office studio at which there are few cats (in this case "few" meaning none). Plus I planned ahead and hired a sniper to sit on the roof of the building and shoot any cat that came within 200 yards (true story). Course all of that was entirely unnecessary for I was rendering as images instead of as video. It's a handy trick. If the process ever gets interrupted you just restart at whichever frame you left off at. And once they all render you import the images into Windows Movie Maker (it is useful for something) and compile them into a WMV. Works like a charm. Poser tip for the day.

Alice 4.0 by Aery Soul (see Alfaseed for similar)
Peppermint Hair by Valea (Look who finally got Vendor pages again - still douchebags)
Trekker Boots by Blondie9999 (modified with magnets)
Racing Bicycle by Silviuq12 (modified with Poser Grouping Tool)
Bike Helmet by Dmk76 (alot of people with name numbers)


Anonymous said...

Really nice work, not sure I’ll ever be able to look as a toned slim gal on a racing bike the same way ever again :P
I must confess I was expecting our favorite pornstar being ravaged by a beefy Gorn, but alas not only was this set pleasant but it came as a complete surprise.
Thanks for this gem, still waiting for the animation to load but really enjoyed the set ;3
Keep up the great work.

Hammer said...

That is a very hot series. Thanks!

sumuner said...

8P ]

Awesome! I think the USADA should do a full body search of them. They might ought to do a very thorough job just to make sure their sexiness is all natural. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm really tempted to add some audio to that clip, really tempted :P

Anonymous said...

obtained abonimant worth $ 12 a month? not every set of $ 10?

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