Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Website of My Very Own!

Finally broke down and got my own website - Which is why I haven't been posting much. Cuz all the stuff is gonna end up there. Still getting things set up, and hoping to be up in running in about a month or so. In the meantime, grinding away at finishing my last commissions, figuring out the html and css for the page, and gathering up material for the site. And the host is adult friendly so no worries about Blogspot silliness or any of that.

Getting the domain name was an adventure in itself. I had checked many moons ago thru a domain company. Turns out that was a big mistake. When I come back a few months later to register the domain, I find out the company I checked it thru (Snapnames) decided to register it for themselves (dicks)... And they would be happy to sell me the domain for the low low price of $700 (after me laughing at their intial offer of $1800). Yeah, like there would be ANYBODY else in the world who would want that domain. It's only worth what I'd be willing to pay for it. So I told them to shove off and registered the same name but hyphenated. Which helps out a bit with search engines so it's a mild plus. But lesson learned, never ever check a domain name thru a company - they are fucking vultures.


JCD said...

OMFG - this is great news!!! Looking forward to it, please let us know here immediately, when it's ready.


PS Love the construction-worker
would be great to see her naked.

Anonymous said...

Might be worth having a chat with Vaesark, he appears to be having nightmares about blogspot.
He may well be interested in opening his own.
Cheers & best of luck, I will keep looking.


Crosseyed John

JCD said...

@Crosseyed John
Yes, my thoughts exactly!

Squall Lion said...


Anonymous said...

Yes I would love to see the rest of the construction crew as well. Perhaps in the showers after a hard days work ;¬p

Where are you being hosted? There are plenty of good hosts out there who allow multiple domains, masses of disk space and almost unlimited bandwidth for only a few $ a month, so you could set up with vesark and others and share the costs between you.

joeannie said...

Love the crew-working image :)

Ya, since the IAN accredited 'name hosters' can self-register domains for free, they do it freely.

The dashes are no problem. People aren't likely to type it in randomly to find you :)

Anonymous said...

Will you remain a free site or will we have to register to view your art?


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this site!

Chup@Cabra said...

Good for you! ^_^

Even though I have never had to make a domain name, I hate those 'domain name squatters' who do just what you said: seeing who wants a name then buying it up to 'resell' back to someone.

If this is going to be a paysite, then contrats for the upgrade, but I'm afraid my poor expenses preclude joining pretty much any pay site for quite awhile in the future, unfortunately. said...

I'm pretty sure that what they did is illegal and falls under the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, which is intended to protect against that sort of thing:

Anonymous said...

As an aside, in case you're wondering about the trademark issue, I'm pretty certain that you could make a fairly compelling case in court that mongobongoart could constitute a trademark since you don't need to legally register them or anything like that.

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