Thursday, September 29, 2011

Commission: Contra Hard Corps

Samples from another commission I completed a couple weeks ago. Set is based on the old NES game Contra: Hard Corps. Heroine gets sucked thru a wormhole, attacked by apes, and eventually becomes their queen. Full set was 25 pics and of course will post the rest once I finally get the new website done.

T2-V4 by Royloo (and it's free!)
Hi-Fantasy Treasure Hunter by Pretty3D (don't think it's available anymore)
Ape World Bundle by RawArt (such great characters!)


JCD said...

Very promising, indeed!!!

Can hardly wait, until the page is finally done...


Anonymous said...

Pretty hot scenario and pictures, I must say. Looking forward to the new site!

Anonymous said...

Love your work and great size to use as wallpapers for me too. Only cannot cuz mongobongo written across the whole thing ...sad. Hopefully the 25 set will have your logo at bottom but not ruining the whole face of render so I / we? can use a couple perhaps as wallpapers

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