Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Commission: Warcraft

Warcraft commission that client was kind enough to allow to be released. Pair of paladins end up captured by a Nathrezim and his Darkhound pet. Really liked the way this one turned out. Especially the Draenei, definitely gonna have to use her again!

DOWNLOAD 12 pics / 12mb - Deposit Files / MegaUpload

The Sentry by Val3DArt (this guy does great stuff!)
Mort Augur by Jack Tomalin (awesome buildings & furniture props)


zomp said...

Really well done...

I love this fuckin' game ^_^

JCD said...

Thanks to the client, who allowed the pics to be released.


Malcanthet said...

Unf, definitely a quality set. I can't help but want more of it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Interesting commission :)

So how much did this one cost? :)

RawDarkness said...

I'm not really a fan of WoW but i really like your pictures! Good work, turned out great!

Nina said...

your blog is fckn sexy and im a girl haha!
Out of curiosity, is it poser or daz?

JCD said...

You're really a gal ?!

Well, I am a boy, this cannot possibly be a coincidence.



Nina said...


lol,well i'm not sure how many girls would be turned on by this kind of art^^

im still hoping mongo bongo will reply to my question..

which rendering engines, tools does he use to create this..

Tony said...

Fun series ! Glad you shared this one!

MongoBongo said...

Nina - Well glad you like it! Good to know there are dirty girls out there. :-P And I use Poser 7.

Nina said...

Thanx mb.Hope you make more;).Heck ill give it a try too;)

Maz said...

Hi MongoBongo i love Your work.
It`s a while You post some pics.
Hope to some new from You.
Go on with Your great work.

Your great dude


StrongSoul said...

Hi MongoBongo i am a bif fan of your work. Long time that you do not post something on the blog, is something happened to you?

Anonymous said...

Where'd you go!

Anonymous said...

what happened over here? the last post got deleted along with all comments, no new posts in not saying gimme pics, just tell us if you're still alive

Tony said...

Just touching base and hoping all is well with you -- I'd love to hear and see an update from you!

Be well!


MongoBongo said...

Sorry all. Not dead or anything. Actually have a commission I was going to toss up soon. And thanks for the concern, very nice of y'all.

Anonymous said...

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