Friday, June 25, 2010

Arthurian / Bretonnian Knight

Random doodle I got sidetracked by instead of working on the Death Knight/Demon Breed set like I should have. Will have to make a set out of it some point. Not really happy with how some of the metal turned out though. Probably need to darken the diffuse and increase the reflection values.

Justice by Aery_Soul (great stuff, but used everywhere)
Paladin Armor for V4 by Xurge3d (vastly underused vendor)
Real M3 Gens by Satanica_Inc (all purpose tool!)


Muddy said...

I love how I can see the chain-mail effect in the shadows on the horse, very nicely done.

I love the Bretonnian theme, that is one of my favourite armies (they're just so damned hard to paint, so I collect Lizardmen).

Great work, I'm eager to see where this goes!

fullytank said...

I've just discovered your art, and all I can say it is it's AWESOME!

I hope your are going to exploit this Bretonnian theme, it looks way too much promising not to be.

Also, I'll be happy to host your banner on my blog, if you wish so. If that's the case, just mail me the banner. :)

FP37 said...

Just come here from the Fullytank site. Very interesting form of art, it seems to be a hybrid of straight 3D and free drawing. I know nothing about these techniques, but I do know it looks great. Her facial expressions are so realistic, unlike so much 3D art. I am looking forward to more of your excellent work. Good luck.

JCD said...

Hello again.

Just wanted to mention, I really like the picture No. 1, as at first glance all you see is an (well, not quite) ordinary female knight. But as soon as as I noticed the horse's dick, I knew what was coming up. Can hardly wait...

Cheers, Jess

PS Good to know that PUBIC hair is gromwing underneath the armor.

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