Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ensign Jenny: Arena

The continuing adventures of Ensign Jenny... continue. Yeah, coulda done better with that intro. But fuck it. It's late, I'm tired, and the set is done. 30 pics of our favorite Star Trek heroine fighting the Gorn. Full set available at my paysite - And the set download is free for members for the next month!

Jenny is of course based on the smokin' hot Jenny Poussin. Go check out her website at Also she has a few other things going on. There is her Morgana project - both movie and book, and you can see a trailer here. Plus she has a line of clothing if you find yourself in need of something skimpy and slutty. Oh god, bad mental image! Make it stopppp!!!!

Right. So this week's set was based on the old skool Star Trek episode of the same name - Arena. Now if you suddenly get the idea to go check the episode out (and you can for free at, I've gotta warn you first. Do not watch it without copious amounts of alcohol! (Or mind-altering substances if you are into that sort of thing.) I watched it as research for the set without such preparations. I will be scarred forever. It is quite possibly one of the worst Trek episodes ever. Which is saying alot. Yeah, it's a cult-classic and all that. Still... Alcohol. You'll thank me afterwards.

Oh and a side bit about the set. Took awhile to get done. Obviously. Lots of different figures and props being interchanged. Lighting was a complete bitch to get done right. And plenty of re-renders. Plus, I've managed rip up the muscles in my side while working out. Which is giving me the pleasant feeling of being shanked in the ribs when I bend slightly to that side while seated. Has been making life a bit of an adventure. And needless to say, is fucking up my productivity something fierce. Odds are next set might be slightly delayed as well.



Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear man :/ gotta remember low weight high reps! :P

The sets can wait feel better!

Anonymous said...

We are the Metrons....and that is hot as fuck. Feel free to violate our space anytime you want.

Anonymous said...

Delicious, absolutely delicious. Great set and thank you for all your pain and suffering needed to produce it.

Alas, another find example of a male with a lack for stamina. I do hope a set comes along someday where the female character toys and ultimately underestimates her prey :) A certain angel perhaps :D Still really like this set, once the hairs down the fun seems to always follow with this stunner :)

- V

Anonymous said...

"I do hope a set comes along someday where the female character toys and ultimately underestimates her prey :) A certain angel perhaps :D"

Yes, yes, a hundred times yes.

Anonymous said...

Ensign Jenny is Hot. Wish I had the set. All your work is Outstanding tho.

Too bad they must be on a pay site to get
:( ...I just cannot afford, Or I'd get every set you post. But all I can do is look at your teaser images and wish I had

TheMadMonk said...

Dude you rock!!! Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!
Sir, you have no idea what a crappy week I have been having.
Ensign Jenny defeating the Gorn with that incredibly shapely (and obviously pretty damned tight) ass of hers was just what I needed to balance the scales.
Again Thanks! Can not wait to see more of her.

Anonymous said...

Our favourite Federation Ensign has taken on the Klingons and Gorn. Who will be next :)

Borg Queen maybe? that Vulcan Science Officer from the last set... I'm getting a head of myself, I know you've got a few projects lined up. Just a thought for later perhaps.

- V

Anonymous said...

especially hot set this one!
liked the last Ensign Jenny set a lot, too,
but she's maybe even hotter in this one...

MongoBongo said...

LOL Well glad you guys like. Jenny is damn hot, and she's a pretty cool chick too.

And why do so many people post as Anon? You have the option of typing in a name (any name at all). Which helps alot since while I read every post, I tend to give the Anon one's a bit less weight, credence, or whatever.

atkinson said...

Thanks Mongo! :)

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